WGFAST 2014 – Blue Whiting Geostats (New Bedford, USA)

This year’s WGFAST (ICES working Group on Fisheries Acoustics Science and Technology) was held in New Bedford (Massachusetts, USA). WGFAST is an important annual meeting for everybody involved in the field of fisheries acoustics. It is more or less the only annual meeting where we all meet and share what we have been busy with during the year. During this meeting we formed a new working group WGTC (Working group on Target Classification), where we will try to come up with a standardised way to detect and classify targets we observe with acoustics, which is a bit of a tricky job as everybody is doing the same thing although with methods generally developed by the institute in question.

I presented the work I have done on the distribution of blue whiting west of the British Isles, using a Geostatistical approach and Matthias presented the work we did together on the distribution and behaviour of mesopelagic fish West of the British Isles. Further I was mentioned as a co-author on Saschas presentation on the use of commercial acoustic data, Matthias talk on the distribution of mackerel, applying acoustic multifrequency methodology on the mackerel egg survey data, as well as on Ciarans report on the WGIPS working group.

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