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THIS SITE WILL NOT LONGER BE UPDATED! THE SITE HAS BEEN MOVED TO: OR   I decided to move towards, which I would have done from the beginning wouldn’t I have created the blog in a bit of a rush…Please accept my apologies for this inconvenience!

Open air cinema and cycling

After spending the entire day behind the computer working on my proposal for FNR (Luxembourgish PhD funding) I decided to go to the Sun Cinema in Broome, The oldest open air cinema in the world. Close enough, they screened Tracks, a movie about a woman who crossed the Australian desert from Alice Springs to the […]

WAIMOS Deployment

With just a half day break onshore I headed straight back to sea for another project, the WAIMOS project. Goal of this project is the deployment of acoustic loggers (passive acoustics…) on the seafloor (approximately 200 m at the given sites). These loggers should stay there for about six months and be retrieved again afterwards. […]

Kimberley – First fieldtrip

At the moment I just have a short break before heading back out to sea tomorrow, where I will be taught everything there is to know about acoustic loggers… This time I do have a valid excuse for not putting anything online during the past 2 weeks…I did not have any access to the internet, […]

Cycling to Rockingham

Today, after fixing my bike I went for a little ride. Planned was to go for something between 40 and 50 km from South Perth to Rockingham… But again, as almost always, my orientation skills and my stubbornness, meaning trusting the GPS less then my personal orientation, which though has probably literally failed on every […]

Dolphins in the Swan river

Today two books that I ordered were supposed to be delivered by the postman, but as I was at uni already I missed him…As a result I had to pick up my packet at the post office, from where my way home lead me along the swan river for a while…I just stopped  to take […]

First pictures with a new lens

Yesterday I bought a 55 – 200 m lens for my Pentax camera. It was dark already when I came home but I still made a few first shots… Today during my lunch break I took the opportunity to go for a little walk and managed to spot a few little birds…This morning on my […]

Trying to cycle and Subiaco Markets

The plan this morning was to go for an extended bike ride, but unfortunately I got puntured after only roughly 10 km and didn’t have any repair equipment left so I was up for a little walk home, which I used to take some pictures: Later in the day I went to the Subiaco Market, […]

Goodbye Party at IMARES

I probably should have made this post a while ago, but anyway on the 16th of June I had a  little Goodbye party at IMARES….Below some pictures taken by Peter… Even though I didn’t give a speech during my farewell party I certainly was very happy about the nice words John found for me and […]

BOSIET and getting started

In order to be able to get out on a vessel in Australia it is a requirement to obtain, medical prove that you are fir enough and you need to have a BOSIET certificate (Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training). (None of the pictures here were taken by myself, I stole them all from […]