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WAIMOS Deployment

With just a half day break onshore I headed straight back to sea for another project, the WAIMOS project. Goal of this project is the deployment of acoustic loggers (passive acoustics…) on the seafloor (approximately 200 m at the given sites). These loggers should stay there for about six months and be retrieved again afterwards. […]

Kimberley – First fieldtrip

At the moment I just have a short break before heading back out to sea tomorrow, where I will be taught everything there is to know about acoustic loggers… This time I do have a valid excuse for not putting anything online during the past 2 weeks…I did not have any access to the internet, […]

Easy example combining Python RPi and Arduino

The Arduino has a moisture sensor (two nails) and a thermistor attached and is loaded with code as previously described. The Arduino is connected to the Raspberry Pi via USB and Python is set up as described in a previous post. The following Python code reads the data from the Arduino serial port and saves […]

WGFAST 2014 – Blue Whiting Geostats (New Bedford, USA)

This year’s WGFAST (ICES working Group on Fisheries Acoustics Science and Technology) was held in New Bedford (Massachusetts, USA). WGFAST is an important annual meeting for everybody involved in the field of fisheries acoustics. It is more or less the only annual meeting where we all meet and share what we have been busy with […]